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Top 5 ways to gain inspiration for your video production

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Deciding to produce video content is a big deal. It involves entering a new realm and once you are in it, there is no going back. There is no going back because once you have seen the benefits it would be daft to walk away from it. However, that doesn’t mean it is always easy. The most difficult part of video production for me is coming up with the initial idea. Once I know what I am working with, I run with it. However, it is easy to get stuck on the starting block trying to think of an idea. 

So, over time, I have developed a few simple but useful techniques to get the brain juices flowing. The following tips are useful for finding inspiration for your video production. 

How to Capture Star-Studded Clients & Images

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With his answer to our first question alone, you can tell why Matt Beard is the photographer most any production company, client, and celeb would not mind having by their side. Making sure every image is picture perfect is not only a job to Beard, but a passion. From working with Maroon 5 to Cirque du Soleil, his range of artistic approach spans across Los Angeles and beyond. 

How To Get The Perfect Aerial Shot

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by Danny Groner, Shutterstock

Setting the scene for any video can be tricky. You need to orient the viewer to what they’re about to see, and you’ve got to do it quickly or run the risk of creating an unwanted distraction at the top of your production. Many TV shows open up with a series of punchy establishing shots, first of a cityscape, then of a building within it, then the office within the building. It happens quickly, within a matter of seconds, but it leaves viewers with the background they need before buying into the dialogue and action that follows. The initial aerial shots shouldn’t be taken for granted, though, as they can deliver much more than just a beautiful view of a city. When choosing a clip for the city at hand, consider also the tone and feeling of the clip and the way it was shot. For a busy, office setting scene, open with a faster, more frantic, and tighter city shot — even consider time-lapse. If introducing a more lighthearted scene, let the opening aerial footage clip breathe for longer and go wider to really showcase the panorama. Make sure that the aerial footage lines up with the sentiment of the scene that follows—it really influences your audience’s mind-set going into what comes next. Here are some powerful, atmospheric aerial shots from around the world:

The Science & Art Behind Successful Online Videos

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In an age of dwindling attention spans, online marketing is trickier than ever. Here’s the truth: People may find your company online, but most of them will leave your website in about eight seconds. (And, if they actually read what you’ve written, they’ll only remember 10 percent of it.)

There’s a better way to use your marketing budget. Putting your company’s message into a video means that you can share more information in less time, and your audience will remember more of it — 58 percent more, in fact.

Essentially, you have two choices: Very few people can remember 10 percent of what they read on your website, or many more will remember 68 percent of what they saw in your video. The choice is simple. But why does it work?

5 Employers We Love

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In the spirit of Valentine’s Week, we decided to sprinkle our love onto some of the loyal companies who make our site possible: the employers who consistently hire from ProductionHUB. 

While there are literally hundreds that caught our eye this month, here is a quick list of those who seemed to captivate ProHUBBers from across the globe. 

Psst: they are still hiring (wink, wink). Apply below if you think you are a good match. 

NATPE 2013: Workshops, Panels & Celebrations

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The 2013 NATPE Market & Conference in Miami is the only American program market serving the worldwide television community, and is known throughout the world as a key media event to attend. In addition to double-digit overall gains in attendance this year, NATPE welcomed 1,000+ domestic and international buyers to the milestone 50th Anniversary too, making it the highest number in more than five years, according to NATPE President and CEO Rod Perth.

Starting with a classy opening night reception poolside at the Eden Roc Hotel, it was great bumping into familiar ProHUBBer Chad Crawford from Crawford Group. Not only did we bump into a few ProHUBBers while at NATPE, but learned plenty from some of the industry’s heavy hitters, famous faces and top notch execs.

Create an Emmy Award Winning Production for Your Next Corporate Video Client

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Kinetic Media believe it’s OK to brag a bit when hard work is recognized, and we agree! (Plus, having an Emmy statue sitting in their office is definitely worth a few bragging rights.) Learn the importance of story telling & making your production company flourish while discovering production trends from experts who know how to get the creative juices running, while snagging an Emmy while they’re at it. 

How to Produce a Big-Game TV Ad in 3 Days or Less.

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by featured blog contributor, Jeremy Pinckert

Most Super Bowl ads are exquisitely planned, taking months of pre-production involving the best creative minds in the business. They also are blessed with stratospheric budgets. But what happens when your client calls you to produce something for the big game, and it’s only weeks away? Put down that Ambien, there’s no need to fret — this survival guide can help you rise to the challenge! The University of Notre Dame found out they needed an “institutional message” to air during college football’s BCS title game. This title game was expected to draw over 30 million viewers, becoming the highest-watched sports game in history outside of the Super Bowl. We received a call to see if I could direct the crew and if my company, Explore Media, could produce the entire spot. The caveat? This happened on a Tuesday morning. They needed to shoot by Friday of the same week! If we wouldn’t have had the background tips I’m going to share in this guide, I don’t think there’s any way we would’ve achieved the results.