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Transmedia at Tribeca Film Festival

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by Nina Streich

An innovative event at the Tribeca Film Festival was “Storyscapes,” a selection of transmedia collaborations. Sponsored by Bombay Sapphire in a warehouse space just north of Tribeca dubbed the “House of Imagination,” the presentations were varied and imaginative. 

Moving-Image Storytelling in the Modern Mediascape

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by Katrina Diamond

The panel kicked off with a 5-min. montage of great movies, then dived right into questions.

This ‘The State of the Crafts’ session at NAB was a panel of the following speakers:

Richard CrudoASC - Vice President
Stephen LighthillASC President, “The Spirit of ‘76”, “Earth 2”, “Nash Bridges” 
Dean Cundey, ASC
David MullenASC, “Northfork”, “Smash”, “Big Sur” 

How Music Supervisors Set the Mood

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by Jessica Nin


Randy Thornton, CEO & President of Warner/Chappell Production Music 

John Houlihan: Music Supervisor, “Training Day,” “Austin Powers,” “Vegas”; VP, Guild of Music Supervisors  
Jeff Lusk Music Supervisor and Sound Designer, Warner/Chappell Production Music 
Alexandra Patsavas Chop Shop, Music Supervisor, “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Mad Men,” “The Carrie Diaries”
Edwina Travis-Chin Music Director, APM Music 

Session Description:

So many successful films and television shows feature memorable music that strikes the perfect balance between what is seen on the screen and what is felt by the viewer. From haunting ballads to hard-driving rock and roll, much of this is accomplished through a mix of both production music and original scores. Leading music supervisors know how to work with both. In this panel of industry executives and working music supervisors, learn how the pros determine the best approach to achieving the desired mood for a film. Produced in partnership with the Production Music Association (PMA) and the Guild of Music Supervisors.

5 Must-See Events at the Tribeca Film Festival

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It can be slightly overwhelming wrapping your head around all the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival has to offer. From checking out the 60 short films screening to listening to Clint Eastwood and learning about "The Future of Film", this year’s festival seems like it will be full of yet another week of amazing attendees, panels, events and of course, star-studded cinematography in the city that never sleeps. 

Live from NAB, it’s Saturday Night Live [Editors]!

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by Bradford Hill

Session Notes from "How SNL Produces Short Films in 48 Hours or Less" at the NAB Show. 

Speakers: George Winslow, Rhys Thomas, Stacey Foster, Alex Buono, Adam Epstein

(Basically, the SNL Film unit produces killer shorts in less than the time it took me to write these session notes). 

First, they kicked off the session with a montage of some of the best recent SNL shorts, including ‘Red Flag’, “Sopranos Diaries” and the “Real Housewives of Disney”.
See More Here:

Then they showed my personal favorite, the Louie CK parody “Lincoln.”

How many of you would have guessed that happened in the wake of Sandy? More to come on that later.

Small Business Videos Worth the Watch: Part I

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by Katrina Diamond & Jessica Nin

Everyone knows one of the factors in exponentially growing a business, is to create a great video defining it. With a little research and time, it’s clear to see why we chose a few of these small biz videos to feature as great examples of companies that know how to get their message across for all to see and hear, but also truly get results and ultimately, sales.

"What It is! '70s Analog Funk" Loop and Sample Collection from Sony Creative Software

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reviewed by Chris Sanchez

 Great 70s sounds, and not just for Funk!

 I’ve been writing music for television shows and commercials since 1999, and in this line of work it’s invaluable to have a strong library of royalty-free loops and samples at your disposal. I’ve purchased dozens of such products over the years, and two of my all-time favorites are “Mick Fleetwood: Total Drumming” and “Drums From The Big Room: The Mixes,” both of which are published by Sony Creative Software (SCS).  In terms of sonics, performances, and ergonomics, these two products have proven themselves time-and-time-again across a wide variety of genres and moods. They are also a great value. Those of you who follow my blog Preservation Sound know that I have a fondness for the sounds and studio techniques of earlier days, and when I saw that SCS had a new collection called ‘What it is! 70s Analog Funk’ I was excited to dig in. 

The Art & Music of Sound for Games

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GDC Session with speaker Rod Abernathy, Rednote Audio.

Rod Abernethy is known throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas for his cutting-edge approach to music composition for video games, television and film. Credits include: Sound Dead Space, Rage, Wheelman, Alpha protocol, Hobbit, King Arthur and Transformers, Madagascar 3, and more! Rod’s music has also been featured in programming for major networks including ABC, CBS, Discovery Channel, ESPN, Fox, G4, HBO, Nickelodeon, TLC and PBS.

Q&A with Josh Apter, Creator of The Padcaster

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PADCASTER PRODUCT TOUR from Manhattan Edit Workshop on Vimeo.

Q: So, what exactly is The Padcaster?   

A: The Padcaster is a rugged iPad case turned mobile production studio that transforms your Apple tablet into an all-in-one moviemaking machine.  This sturdy, customizable case lets videographers attach lights, mics and other filmmaking accessories and enhancements to the iPad.  Paired with the Lenscaster, the combo takes the iPad from ordinary tablet to high-tech production device. 

Q: How did you come up with the idea for such a product?  Was there an exact moment when the lightbulb went on and you thought of creating this device?  

A: When I saw that you could shoot HD video, edit it and upload it to almost anywhere (YouTube, Vimeo, CNN ireport, FTP) all on the iPad.  It was faster than anything I’d ever seen and something literally clicked.  It turned out to be a hernia, but while I was in surgery, I got the idea for the Padcaster.  (OK, not that last part.)