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Sink or Swim? with Rhythm & Hues @ TAP! Conference

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Walt Jones, of Rhythm & Hues knows all about creating content and selling it. 

Founded  in 1987, Rhythm & Hues houses some of the world’s top creative talents and best technologies, delivering outstanding, award-winning visual effects and animation. Credits include: Life of Pi, Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Django Unchained and many more feature films. 

Whether it’s a script, image or video- if you want to make money, find the defined market for it. 

5 ProHUBBers who Know How To Create Savvy Websites to Gain Clients

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So many great ProHUBBers, so little time. With thousands of all-star production professionals, companies and artists on ProHUB, it’s refreshing to come across a few whose creative talents are not only seen behind-the-scenes but on their own websites as well. This month, we chose the Top 5 ProHUBBer websites that caught our attention. Who knows, maybe they’ll inspire you to create a few new savvy features & shortcuts for your site too! 

Lighting Up Sundance 2013 with HIVE

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The production pros at Hive Lighting are definitely not first timers when it comes to lighting things up (illuminating shows and films such as “Think Like a Man” and Nickelodeon’s “Victorious”) although it will be their first time lighting up the 2013 Sundance Film Festival. The professionals at Hive Lighting have always been fans of Sundance and are great supporters of independent filmmakers. With a number of friends involved in the festival, it was only a matter of time before they would become a part of it. Lighting up interview booths at the Sundance Film Festival might be one of their main reason for attending this year, but it’s not stopping them from enjoying one of the most prestigious festivals and filmmakers from around the world. 

30 Underrated Film Festivals Around the Globe

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Everyone’s heard of Sundance, Tribeca and Cannes. What everyone doesn’t know is that there are great festivals out there just as inspiring, that are sometimes overlooked or underrated. We’re not saying you shouldn’t try and submit your work to some of the more “popular” film fests, but the other fests need love too! (Plus, it’s a great way to gain feedback while learning and meeting new people, instead of getting lost in the shuffle at the bigger events.) Listed are our picks of underrated festivals across the globe that should be given a reel chance. You never know, one of them might just spark your filmmaking fancy…

Create a Lasting Memory Through Music

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Think of the Hollywood hit “Ghost” starring Patrick Swayze and Whoopi Goldberg — what song comes to mind? Chances are you will remember “Unchained Melody” and the emotions it evoked in you more than the storyline or dialogue. That’s the power that music brings to movies. Harness it by considering the following when selecting music for your next film or video.

Best Holiday Commercials on our Nice List

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by featured blog contributor, Jeremy Pinckert

As professionals in the media industry, we tend to view television and online video advertising with a different set of eyes. But just like everyone else, we too get caught up in the emotion and magic of the season. Here’s the best holiday commercials on our “Nice List” for 2012.

#5 Apple + Best Buy “Finding Santa”

This ad gets props for incorporating the much-maligned Siri and Maps apps in one boy’s search for Santa and the North Pole. Watch to see one of the best payoff shots of the year in this holiday television commercial created by Wunderman:

Tips to Spruce Up Your Film Reel

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Reel them in ASAP

Make sure to update your media reel to display your most recent project(s). Employers love seeing your latest work, and having an up-to-date reel shows you take took time to create new projects, and that you take pride in showing off your hard work. Always try to showcase your projects from after college. Doing this shows that you have experience outside of a classroom environment, and that you take time out of your day to create new, on-going projects.  

ProHUB's Pick of Great Tech Gifts for the Holiday Season

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'Outside of the box'? This year, there are plenty of tech gifts that come inside the box for when you are playing Santa to your favorite production professionals. Skip the socks and pajamas - from a washable keyboard to a CIA Camera and iPhone-controlled drone, we hope our annual Holiday Gift Guide helps you finish your shopping for your “nice” list with time to spare. 

Evolve Digital Cinema: Always Pushing the Creative & Technical Envelope

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Evolve Digital Cinema has two simple goals - to create the best visual media within their power & to always learn, grow and continue to evolve themselves and their work. Evolve Digital Cinema / IMG is a boutique creative production agency that produces digital film, TV, HD Video, Photography and Graphic Design. With a recent Emmy win for a National Geographic video they created, and collaborating with clients such as Disney, FOX and ESPN, this agency keeps getting better and better!

The New Nat Geo Explorers :45 from Evolve Digital Cinema | IMG .