Silvermoon valley of shadows

New Bedford, Massachusetts

12/01/2019 — 09/01/2022

Feature Film

Maegan boyd

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Hello. I am maegan Boyd. My nephew Noah is planning on making a movie. He is now casting actors and actresses to play the various characters.
1. Victoria-Edgar's younger sister: age 10
2. Annabelle-Edgar's mother: age 28
3. Victor- Edgar's missing father: age 30
4. Alucard-Edgar's friend: 2-3 feet tall and ages 20-50
5. Ludwig-Edgar's Grandfather: ages 50-70,German accent
6. Marie-Edgar's Grandmother: ages 50-70,British accent
7. Darklai-Lord of darkness: Voice-over/Motion capture
8. Additional townfolk:Any gender,any age
9.additional werewolves, Vampires, Demons, Creatures, and zombies: ages 20-50
10. Balto- Edgar's dog: Dogs only,any age. Anyone interested, email me at

Thank you.
Maegan boyd