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Production title: Playground Games
Union / Non-Union: Non-Union
Production Type: Commercial
TRT: 30 Seconds
Company: Bankrate
Producer: Eli Elizee
Posted on: May 18, 2017
Production location: South Florida
Audition Location: South Florida (Specific Address will be provided)
Shooting Location: Palm Beach County
Email: XX
Compensation: Yes
Audition Date: TBD
Shooting window: Mid- July


• 1 Car salesman (40s-50s+)
• 1 Banker (40s, 50s +)
• 1 millennial couple
• 1 millennial male
• 1 millennial female

The shoot will take place in Palm Beach County but we are welcoming applicants from all over South Florida.

**Please submit a headshot, demo reel & resume to be considered**

Character details:

• 1 Car Salesman (40s=50s+) & 1 Banker (40s, 50s +):
There’s nothing better than young, naïve clients who you can provide you with an easy sale, right? In this concept, our Car Salesman and Banker roles encounter young, uninformed customers, making their jobs all-too-easy. Good comedic timing a plus.

• 1 Millennial Female (25-35 y/o)
Millennial Woman is setting out to refinance her mortgage, but on the "informed” to “clueless” spectrum, she falls pretty close to clueless. When it comes to personal finance, she leaves her decision-making process up to a childish playground game. Must have good comedic timing. All looks and ethnicities welcome.

• 1 Millennial Male (25-35 y/o)
Millennial male wants to choose a savings account but doesn’t really know which option is the best choice. Instead of consulting an expert for advice, or looking at all of his options, he makes a rash decision based off of a playground game. This role is mostly based on physical and facial acting rather than dialogue, so someone with good comedic and physical cues is a must. All looks and ethnicities welcome.

• Millennial Couple (1 Male and 1 Female, 25-35 y/o)
A young couple is shopping for a car together. When it comes to the car they want to buy they are definitely on the same page … but when deciding on the interest rate they are willing to pay … well that’s a different story. Must have solid comedic timing and be able to work naturally with a partner. All looks and ethnicities welcome.