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US Federal OSI Agent "K" (Re-enactment Lead) | Female, 30s to 40s | Blonde Hair | Fair Complexion | Blue Eyes | Trim Physique | 5'6" or Taller | Shoot Dates TBD - Late August/September 2017 | See for Roles

K is the heroine of Escaping Fed, yet also fits the offender's "victim profile." She is calm, professional, intelligent, articulate and confident, a former major market police detective. But she has a softer edge than one expects of "feds" or police. She is feminine but serious. K has many layers that you can sense, surprising you at times with simple revelations like, "I'm at kickball practice but this is important to me." K blends into crowds as a dignified female. She could be a highly educated housewife or a social diplomat - reading her is not easy. You can see that K is socially comfortable and engaging outside of work, but she is a seemingly "together" female in a traditionally male occupational field.

K is serious about her role in federal investigations but she has a level of commitment others cannot be paid to have, one of standing by the victim for truth, yet knowing when to call "bullshit." There is a sense K is at the point of being discouraged by the "system" and what it does to people who need it most, yet her external persona keeps that heavily concealed. You cannot tell if she knows the depth of value she has provided through her case work and seems to prefer quiet appreciation. However, K has obviously experienced much of what the victim has. You can see this through occasional jaw clenching during interrogation. After a few hours of listening to the victim's answers and guiding her through a line of questioning, K's face carries a certain external "wear." She is "drawn" in phase two of interrogation, as the subject matter becomes more serious and aggressive. K is a pencil skirt, pantsuit wearer.

The role doubles for emotional re-enactments of aggressive and emotionally challenging scenes, including a highly emotional yet partially-clothed rape scene. "Known" or established actress may have some discretion in selection of the male re-enactment lead, below, due to the emotional challenge of the work with this actor.

Ethnicity: Caucasian
Required Media: Headshot/Photo/Video Reel