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Atlanta, Georgia

02/01/2018 — 02/10/2018

Independent Feature

Tiffany Thompson

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“REAL ONES” is a heart wrenching story of brotherhood and betrayal. You would think that your brothers would stand behind you in trying to better yourself, but sometimes they've got other plans for you. More likely than not, you may just get caught up in their plans for the sake of your loyalty. It's a power struggle for the top spot and these brothers show you just how far they'll go for money and respect.

Main Roles:
• Torez: (M: 19-21) Light to Dark Complexion. Medium to Tall Height.
• Joshua: (M: 19-21) All Complexions. Tall. Medium Built. Must have Jamaican Accent.
• Dorian: (M: 24) Medium to Dark Complexion. Slim. Tall Height.
• Daquan: (M: 19-22) Medium to Dark Complexion. Heavy-set. Short to Tall Height
• Kashaun: (M: 24-27) Light to Medium Complexion. Muscular. Tall Height
• Alanie: (F: 19-21) Light to Medium Complexion. Short to Medium Height. Thick Natural Hair
• Jaylan: (F: 22-24) Light to Dark Complexion. Short to Medium Height.
• Nia: (F: 23-25) All Complexions. Tall Height. Sexy. Slim Thick
• Selah: (F: 17-19) All Complexions. Curvaceous. Thick.  Must have Jamaican Accent.
• Ms. Nita: (F: 37-42) Light Skin. All Heights. Slim Thick. Short Hair
• Leah: (F: 3-4) Light to medium complexion. Curly Hair.

Supporting Roles
• Mumy: (F: 39-47) All Complexions. Thick. Must speak fluent Patois (Jamaican Accent)
• Detective Pines: (F: 30-45) Caucasian. Any Hair Color.
• Ms. Johnson: (F: 45) Medium to Dark Complexion. Short and Slim.
• Serrato Brothers: (M: 24-27) Hispanic. Tattoos.
• Gas Station Clerk: (F: 25-30) Caucasian
• Sneaker Store Clerk: (M: 21-27) Caucasian. Visible Tattoos
• L’Rello- (M: 25-27) Deep Southern Accent
• Nique- (F: 19-21) Any Complexion. Any Height
• Doctor- (M/F: 35-50) Middle Eastern

If you feel that you would be a great fit for any of these roles please email: In your email, PLEASE include the role(s) you are applying for in the SUBJECT. In your message, include your NAME, AGE, HEIGHT,  PHONE NUMBER, and a professional or nonprofessional  HEADSHOT. Information regarding auditions will follow to those who follow directions and apply.