The Finding

Orlando, Florida

12/13/2017 — 02/09/2018


Sean Heyboer

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Production title: The Finding

Director: Sean Heyboer
Project length: 10 podcast episodes + web videos
Production location: Orlando, Florida
Production Company: Cineidola

Auditions: Open until January 2.
Call Backs: Beginning early January
Shooting Starts: February 1
Shooting Ends: February 14

A group of friends working on an urban exploration podcast follow an unraveling timeline when they discover an abandoned voice recorder in an underground tunnel system.

Character BIOS
[TRAVELER] FEMALE: 20-35 Terrified of what lurks in the shadows.
[ALEX] MALE: 25-35 Existential mess.
[JAMIE] MALE: 25-35 Dark, cynical. Sharp wit that is masked by underlying anger.
[DAISY] FEMALE: 25-35 No-nonsense, but sweet.
[HEINZ] MALE: 40-55 German owner of a Bar-B-Q joint. Accent can be mild to strong. Armchair scientist.
[OFFICER MCFADDEN] MALE: 30-55 African-American police officer. Reserved.
[MUNAF] MALE: 25-40 Indian chemistry teacher and folk musician.

Please submit HEADSHOT, AUDIO SAMPLE and RESUME. All submissions without an audio sample will not be considered. Production will in early February and run for two weeks, with non-consecutive shooting days.

Audio samples submitted outside of shooting area will be considered.