Additional background extras and crew members needed for indie- film being shot in Charlotte, NC.

Charlotte, North Carolina

04/30/2018 — 06/30/2018

Non-Union Film

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We have a film opportunity for a passionate creative. We are a team of cast and crew members coming together to shoot an indie-film in Charlotte, NC. You'll work with several actors and other crew members. Once completed, we will take this project on a film festival run, with a focus on Sundance 2019. Please only apply if you have taken the time to read the requirements to join the team. This is an indie-film so we're looking for willing and passionate people to assist with completing the film on weekends.

These positions are non union.
*Must have own Transportation*
*This is for Film credit / IMDB credit only*
*Intermediate or Experienced may apply.


Background extras:
- On call for scene backgrounds or additional characters
- Must be local to Charlotte, NC


Cinematographer or Assistant Cinematographer:
Supporting the set through Lock-ups, lighting set ups, help load and unload equipment. Camera operation includes Black Magic Cinema Camera, Cranes, various lenses and sliders.

- Knowledge of lenses and filters
- Experienced with camera dollies, mic boom, and sliders
- Ability to take scene direction
- Ability to brainstorm shooting ideas


Boom Operator
- Capture the best quality dialogue
- Lot's of stamina for holding a boom or mic
- Have a good working knowledge of all sound recording equipment including lav mics.


Assistant Director
- Hands on with the project during Pre-production stage through post production, marketing and distribution.
- Location Scouting
- Coordinate shooting schedules and act as liaison
- Preparing daily call sheets.
- Keep director updated on time schedule.
- Have a positive approach


When will shooting start?
The goal is for shooting to begin April/May/June 2018. We will shoot on weekends Friday, Saturday, Sunday until the completion of the film.

Is this non-union and non-paid?
This is a non-paid indie-film and it is a non-union production. We are finishing this film using our own experience, team and passion to tell great stories.

Do you have locked locations?
We are currently in the pre-production stage.

We have lot's of great information to share immediately with the right team member.