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CASTING CALL for Independent Limited Series

Headshots, resumes and two-minute video reel should be submitted to In the email subject line, please include the name of the role for which you are auditioning.

Compensation, meals, travel and lodging will be provided.


We: Late 20s-early 30s Black female who is able to present masculine when necessary but has a soft demeanor. Must have a southern dialect and be authoritative when called upon.

Shiloh: Late 20s-early 30s light-skinned Black female. Must have a New Orleans accent. Strong but

Jessup Stone: 50 to 60-year old White male with gray hair and southern drawl. Must be willing to present racist views.

Jane Stone: 50 to 60-year old White female. Jessup’s wife. Homely and frail but a former beauty queen.

Puckett Stone: Late 30s-early 40s White male with a slim body frame and southern drawl. A homeless reject with special skills in carpentry.

Evelyn Sandifer: Early 50s Black woman. Witty but professional. She is a funeral home owner/director. Must be willing to smoke cigars.

Warrine McAfee: Late 40s to mid-50s Black female with medium to large build. Owner of her own bakery.

Morris Walker: Mid to late 30s Black man with athletic build.

Aspen Graves: 30-something White female with slim to medium build. Must be willing to portray an alternative lifestyle role.

Lorraine Graves: 30-something Black female willing to play an alternative lifestyle.

Rev. Isaiah Owens: 50 to 60-year old Black man who is an overbearing and grimy preacher from New Orleans.

Ocean: 11 to 14-year old Black female. Character is high-functioning autistic but articulate.

Free: 19 to 23-year old Black female with a sassy, no-nonsense personality. Lives in her own world and adores Ocean.

Black males and females, ages 18-45. Some speaking and non-speaking roles
White male and female, ages 5-9.