Actors & Dancers - Beautifully Broken / Hurdy Gurdy Shanty Man


New York, New York

04/14/2018 — 05/26/2018

Union Films

JD Reis

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We are shooting several Music Videos in NYC, LA, Phx and Miami. The themes cover suicide prevention, over-fishing, love, etc.

*Travel expenses plus pay per project included.

We are interested in your vision/idea of what type of unique character aspects you wish to portray for one of the original songs. Please copy/paste the link below

and reply with your character concept for the song that inspires you. Also, please provide headshot/Resume.

** You will not be considered unless you review the material and provide us with your concept for a role.

*** All the songs are originals but we are currently using generic videos, pics and descriptions until this project is completed. The idea behind the music videos is for the cinematographer to shoot YOUR vision (within reason of course... we can't film you BASE jumping off the Eiffel Tower dressed as Cookie Monster).

Thank you once again and we will be contacting all chosen candidates mid March!

[BEAUTIFULLY BROKEN, Female, 18-35, Any Race]
A woman experiencing internal turmoil and self realization.
Sister of Beautifully Broken who is a straight arrow.

[MOTHER 40-65]
Mother Beautifully Broken who is oblivious to her daughter's struggles due to busy work schedule.

[SHANTY MAN, 20-65, Any Race]
Shanty Man aboard whaling vessel (similar to Moby Dick) who entertains the crew.

Shipmates on vessel.

Music Videos on Suicide Prevention and Overfishing.