Looking for background actors to drink beer! (Brooklyn)

Brooklyn, New York


Experimental Shorts

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Greetings! I'm shooting a short film in April and I need about 40 people to fill up the background of the bar.

Looking to book a solid 40 people for the 3 hour shoot, you get $50 cash, free beer while we are shooting and a credit in the film (not too bad, huh?) I want it to look as natural as possible so all types of people / styles etc.

The shoot date is set for Saturday April 14th and the premiere screening is Sunday May 6th. The film will be shot on 16mm color film (woohoo!) and you'll be able to download it for your reel or forward onto friends. It's all supported by this local n.p.o., check it out if you want to get a sense of the kind of shoot it will be (mononoawarefilm.com) I've been trying to make a movie for so long now and the structure of this workshop just puts everything in place from start to finish; film, camera, processing, we even get to cut the actual film for editing and project it!

Please email with a head shot and aprox height. All ages (21+) and people considered equally.

Thanks so much!