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Daniel Page has 24 hours to find a job before he finds himself in a difficult predicament. While being supported by his lifelong friend and mother he is challenged by a lot of "maybe's" when it comes to opportunities that seem almost too good to be true. In the midst of societies institutionalized way of living a progressive life (go to school, find a job, then eventually get married). Daniel wants to break the cycle of what is expected by the norm. Daniel Page is a story about finding freedom thru someone who makes you feel alive.

(Speaking Roles)


Jaime (Female, Age: 21-28, Caucasian, Blond, European Look)
Note: You must be able to ride a bicycle for some of the scenes.

Lyft Driver (Age: 27-40 , Male or Female, Any Ethnicity) Someone who is a laid back optimist. This person has spent many years driving people around and has developed an sense of awareness of how life happens.

Shoot days vary within the month, and pay is $125-$200 per day, 1-6 hour days depending on shoot.

If you would like to submit for the role of "Jaime" please send me a Selfie and a resume if you have one to

Please include Height, Weight, and Shirt Size for wardrobe reasons.

I will carefully review your submission and contact you if we decide to move forward.

Kind Regards,
Zack Ellis