Looking for interesting & dynamic Locals passionate about Jackson, Mississippi for an upcoming "Ask a Local" Tourism Campaign to be featured online. Small film crew will accompany you as you visit your favorite restaurants, venues, and experiences around town. This is a paying gig.

If interested please send a quick video (taken on phone is fine) answering 3-4 of the questions below:
● Introduce yourself, and tell us where you're from.
● Describe the place, as if you were helping me to visualize it. What's it like? Does it have a smell?
Sounds? How does the air feel? (Can they build on this?)
● What makes this place unique?
● If someone were only here for a day or two, what should they do and why?
● When you have visitors here from out of town, what do you like to show them? Why?
● What's a quirky thing you can only do here?
● How do YOU like to make someone feel welcome?