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Arlington, Texas

03/23/2018 — 03/24/2018

Student Film

C.D Fuller

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Joshua is gifted with the power to remove peoples fears. When he experiences a tragedy. He attempts to redeem himself by using his gift to help others,but when a client returns with new demands, Joshua questions how he should really use his gift.

Joshua- Mid20s- Early30s is an intelligent and confident man but is constantly drained and exhausted from the fears that he removes because he actually makes them a part of himself. None of those fears are of greater weight than his son's death which figuratively drags him to the ground in his daily life. He hopes that in helping others he can finally feel alive again

Mo- is Joshua's long time best friend he jokes around with him often but deep down he truly cares for his friend on wants to see him healthy again

Ram- After having the fear of death removed, Ram sees the fear removal process and truly amazing and wonders exactly how he can use Joshua to his advantage. By now the removal of fear and the possibilities it has is like a drug to him. He will do anything to have more fears removed

Eric- Is a massive germaphobic nerd. Everything he says and does has a weird and corky tint to it

Fiancee- This man has cold feet and doesn't know if he really wants to propose to his girlfriend

These roles are non-paid for Film Production at UTA
A copy of the film and food will be provided for both filming days

Please send headshot and resumee if available. These auditions will be video submission. Please, if any questions send an email