Short Film set in the 80s - Yr 12 Media Studies

Melbourne, VIC, Australia

06/22/2018 — 07/25/2018

Student Film

Francesca Sulfaro

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Project description:
The film is set in the 80s and circles around a guy named Vincent who is seemingly normal to the outsider, however he has been struggling with a secret. He's gay. Vincent wants to come out to his friends and family about his sexuality however, his parents may create implications for him and in turn, push him to breaking point.


Vincent - Male Lead
Hair colour: Dark
Eye colour: Hazel, Green, Brown
Vincent is a young guy who loves music, his friends and family however he is struggling with something major ... His sexuality. He hides his true self from everyone until he breaks.

Steven - Vincent's Father
Steven is a manly bloke. He loves the footy, going down to the pub and drinking with his mates. He also loves his son however they don't get along as Vincent isn't sporty and isn't like other guys his age therefore Steven taunts him and pushes him around until everything comes out.

Linda - Vincent's Mother
Linda is a very religious, loving and caring mother to Vincent. She doesn't say what's on her mind too much as Steven is the "man of the house". Linda has a hunch about Vincent's sexuality however she keeps it quiet due to the fact that being gay is a "sin" in the Bible and Steven wouldn't approve.

Alyssa - Vincent's Best Friend
Alyssa has been Vincent's best friend since they were little. She loves Vincent in a "more than friend" kind of way. She doesn't know about his sexuality therefore her response to finding out is a mix of emotions.