'Never Too Late' Commercial Spec

Hollywood, California

07/15/2018 — 07/15/2018

Experimental Shorts

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“One by one, people from different backgrounds rediscover their passions with the help of YouTube tutorials." This is a :30 spec spot for Youtube.

Casting the following (5) roles:

TOM (40-60, Caucasian) is wise beyond his years. Physically he is burly, stocky, and rugged; scruff and disheveled hair. He is an ex-hockey player whose life took some unexpected turns.

RACHEL (25-35, African American) can be described as Type A, put together, a woman who makes time even when she doesn’t have it. Physically she is athletic, fit, built like a runner. Her life is structured, but she knows how to let loose every now and again and we see that by her quirky, colorful yet neat style at home.

DAVID (30-50, Mixed) is your picturesque, middle-class family man. His family is number one, and he does much of his work from home. He’s handy, has a passion for wood working and building (a timeless activity he has not revisited with daily distractions).

PAUL (21-30, Any) is a white-collar perfectionist. He’s a bit sloppy with his home lifestyle, but that’s only because he’s a workaholic, an overachiever at his financial firm. Suit after suit, he’s forgotten what it’s like to wear a pair of shorts. Physically he’s clean-cut, perfectly groomed, and has a smile that could sell anything. It’s the spontaneity and creative part of his character he has been unknowingly missing.

JANE (30-45, Any) JANE is married to her job, always "on." She likes order, cleanliness, everything in her life has a home. She is professional and has a warm, genuineness about her. Meeting her feels like you've known her for years.