2019 DC Model Face Off $1,000 Magazine Shoot Casting Calls


Washington, District of Columbia

10/26/2018 — 04/01/2019

Non-Union Commercial


International Beauty Movement

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2019 DC Model Face Off Free $1,000 Magazine Photo Shoot Casting Calls For Female Models * Makeup Artists * Hair Stylists * Clothing Designers * Female Photographers * Female Event Volunteers

The 2019 DMV Model Face Off is a free $1,000 Magazine print model photo shoot for Ripping Runways Magazine, Girl 9 Magazine, Ethnic Queen Magazine, and Project Couture Magazine, for beautiful aspiring female models, Creative Makeup Artists, Creative Hair Stylists, Female Photographers with professional camera equipment and experience, upcoming clothing designers, and female event volunteers in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, D.C., Virginia, West Virginia, and North Carolina for the biggest free Magazine print modeling photo shoot event on the East Coast for serious, gorgeous, glamorous, and talented aspiring females models ages 18-27 that are seriously interested in worldwide magazine print modeling exposure.

The International Beauty Movement is Now Casting Beautiful Aspiring Female Indian models, Latina models, Italian models, Jewish models, Ethiopian models, Middle Eastern models, Asian models, Pinay models, Ethnic models, African models, Bi-racial models, European models, Ukrainian models, Russian models, Arab Models, Portuguese models, African American models, White models, Somali models, Polish models, erotic models, eye candy models, exotic models, Pinup Models, Boudoir models, vixen models, fitness models, bikini models, and inked models, from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, D.C., Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, North Carolina, Georgia, and all 50 states for this Exclusive Invitation Only 2019 DMV Spring Model Face Off Magazine Photo Shoot for Ripping Runways Magazine, Girl 9 Magazine, Ethnic Queen Magazine, and Project Couture Magazine that will feature Gorgeous & Glamorous East Coast Models competing in the 2019 DMV Model Face Off Free $1,000 Magazine Photo Shoot Exclusive International Beauty Movement Spring Magazine photo shoot that will be taking place in Washington, D.C. in the Spring 2019.

Would you like to receive a free $1,000 print model magazine photo shoot, a free $1,000 modeling photo portfolio, a free feature in one of our internationally known fashion magazines, and compete with other beautiful models in the 2019 DMV Model Face Off Exclusive Print Model Magazine Photo in Washington, D.C. in Spring 2019?

NOTE: All models applying for this free magazine photo shoot should have great modeling posing qualities, a unique beautiful look, great skin, great attitude, a great fit body for your height, a great working attitude, a unique style of dress, and a serious dream of modeling and being known worldwide.

If you are a Beautiful Aspiring Female Models ages 18-27, a Creative Makeup Artist, Creative Hair Stylist, Female Photographer with professional equipment and experience, upcoming clothing designer, or want to be a female event volunteer, this is the perfect opportunity to give your career a jump start into magazine print.

All female models, Creative Makeup Artists, Creative Hair Stylists, and clothing designers, that are selected for this excellent Spring 2019 exclusive magazine print modeling opportunity will receive a free $1,000 magazine photo shoot, a magazine photo feature, and free photos from the photo shoot to build their portfolio and each model will be featured in one of our internationally known online magazines.

To Apply As a Model:
Please submit 4-6 clear recent full body head to toe photos only that are no older than 12 months in one of the following: formal dress clothing and heels, ethnic clothing or native clothing, casual clothing and heels, bikini or lingerie.
(We will accept camera photos or professional photos but No Photos in Jeans or Sneakers Please)
Submit 4-6 full body head to toe photos that are no older than 12 months and a bio with your age, height, weight, measurements, phone number, and what city and state you are from to: internationalbeautymovement@aol.com

NOTE: All Models that are selected will be responsible for their own transportation to Washington, D.C. if they live outside of the DMV area..

To Apply as a hair stylist, body painter, makeup artist, female photographer, or clothing designer:

To apply for consideration for the 2019 DMV Model Face Off as a hair stylist, body painter, makeup artist, female photographer, or clothing designer, you will need to submit a professionally written bio with your contact information and 4-6 recent good quality photos of your work (that are no older than 12 months) or a link to your website or photo work to qualify for this amazing magazine competition.

**A photo or video portfolio is required as part of this application process for all makeup artists, hair stylists, and body painters applying to this casting call. A URL link listed on your resume for an online portfolio is preferred, Please email us your bio with full contact information and portfolio or link of your work to: internationalbeautymovement@aol.com **

To Apply As a Female Volunteer:
Volunteers Must be reliable, energetic, enthusiastic, self motivated, take directions well, be professional at all times, assist models and photography team, be creative, and work well with people and be a team player.
Volunteers will not be modeling but assisting with magazine photo shoot.

Please email us 2 FULL BODY HEAD TO TOE recent photos, with age, phone number, email, and why you want to be a female fashion event volunteer for the 2019 DMV Model Face Off send to: internationalbeautymovement@aol.com

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Check Out the International Beauty Movement Magazines Link: pubhtml5.com

Please visit our Worldwide casting call link to view all of our current casting calls for aspiring female magazine print models, fashion events, clothing designers, photography and video internships, makeup artists, and hair stylists worldwide at: rippingrunways.blogspot.com

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