Baton Rouge, Louisiana

06/24/2019 — 11/29/2019

Feature Film


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A brewing of a bloodletting event is on the horizon in AMERICA. Mr. Cooke a wealthy ship owner is at a tavern In Alabama as he consumes alcohol Mr. Cooke meets Captain Slade, as they drink Mr. Cooke takes a liking to the Slade and after a few words they shared, he blurts out his desire to pursue slaves from Ouidah a port in Africa and he offers Captain Slade to take on this task.

A slave ship Clotilda starts its journey from to the U.S. in 1859, the slave ship arrives that summer in West Africa. The King of Dahomey's forces raided the Yoruba village bringing captives to the large slave market at the port of Whydah. Yoruba Princess Kiya was amongst the ones kidnapped, a journey that took its toll on the African men, women, and children bound together by ropes, chains, or wooden yokes. Captain paid the traders for the slaves, he arrives in Mobile Bay in the 45 days later, where the slaves would be sold to the investors at a remote swampy spot in Mobile -Tensaw Delta in the night, later the slaves are transported to a steamboat to Africatown a few miles from Mobile, Alabama.

As the ship approaches the mobile river a slave dies in the lower berth and she takes his place in the wrappings and the crew throws the slave overboard unaware that it is Princess Kiya, she cuts through the wrappings and escape before the ship is set on fire in a remote place in the DELTA.