Equally Friends

Snyder, Texas

05/01/2019 — 07/31/2019

Non-Union Film


Addison Dawn Perry-Franks

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seeking background extras for
Equally friends (2020)

we need several background extras for the film

Shooting location
Snyder tx

will receive movie credit and copy of film

A teenager from another town comes to Swooder Falls when her mom Susie is arrested played by Addison Dawn Perry-Franks who is also Transgender ,she moves to her grandpas played by Neal Briley as she tries to fit in, after all being gender-fluid is not socially acceptable,

Harper goes to the local park and meets Kelley played by Danni Perry-Franks, another gender-fluid male, and together they become friends.

They run into Taylor played by Savannah Franks a bi-curious female , who soon becomes their friend.

But they run into the town bully Phoenix played by Robert Barnett who does not accept lgbt people, he finds out that Harpers mom is the local Transgender that he had arrested. and soon starts to bully Harper and her new friends.

Harper makes a plan to try to convince Phoenix that LGBT people, no matter what they identify as are people just like him.

can Harper along with her 2 new friends convince Phoenix to accept them the way they are?

With the help of her 2 new friends, they convince Phoenix that Gender-fluid and Transgender people are the same as him.

Harper and her 2 new friends try to convince Phoenix to walk a mile in their shoes , he finally gives in and he does, they walk around the park, and Phoenix's best friend Laurel played by Lacey Franks starts to bully him, after running away and going home to change, Phoenix realizes as he looks in the mirror, that what he has done is wrong and accepts Harper and her new friends for who they are.

with the help of phoenix, Harper gets her mom released from jail. as Phoenix realizes that Society can live with LGBTQIA+ people/ Because they are people just like everyone else!