Girl get your power back stage play!


Long Branch, New Jersey

04/06/2019 — 07/31/2019


Keisha Brown

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Girl get your power back stage play.

Character List

Aunt Mary Lee: Star Belinfanti
Grace: Theresa Scott
Tasha: Lala Boston-Joseph
Melanie: Kim Quick
Devonte: Clifton Pettyjohn
Extra Male: TBD

Aunt Mary Lee- Early 60’s African American female who has raised her sister kids and finds out the secrets they all been hiding.

Grace- Early 60’s Aunt Mary Lee best friend and comedian.

Devonte- Early 30’s African American Male, Tasha’s boyfriend who is very abusive verbally and physically.

Tasha- Early 20’s African American female who is in an abusive relationship and is jealous of her scholar sister Melanie.

Melanie- Early 30’s African American female, entrepreneur and Ph.D. student. She is driven and won’t let anyone stop her from pursuing her goals.

The part were casting for is Devonte.