Danbury, New Hampshire

05/01/2019 — 05/27/2019

Independent Feature

Anne Mulhall

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RESPITE ROAD written by Michael LoCicero
Filming in NH and RI
SAG and Non-Sag considered
Ultra Low Budget contract
Now accepting self-tape submissions - please forward a headshot and resume to with the name of the character you are interested in.

Lead roles needed approx 12-14 days in Danbury, NH. and 2-3 days in RI.
Housing available for NH shoot only.

JOSH HOWELL (LEAD, mid 30’s, caucasian)
Everyman; Level headed, funny, loves his wife, Ellie. Feeling the pressure of getting his life moving. A bit passive and has a tendency to let people take advantage of him because of his non-confrontational nature.

ELLIE HOWELL (LEAD, mid 30’s, non-white)
Strong, down to earth, honest. Ellie tells it like it is. She wants to settle down and start a family more than anything. Thinks the world of her husband, Josh, but pushes him to stand up for himself more.

BOBBY (LEAD, 40’s, caucasian) Comes from a troubled past. Hostile toward people who display any form of love, compassion, or weakness. Bobby does what he wants without any regard for consequence. Smooth talker with a quick wit. And a quick temper.

DICK (SUPPORTING, 60’s-70’s, caucasian) *shoots 2-3 days in NH, housing avail.
A tough old war veteran. Dick has been through it all. He loves his granddaughter, Penny, and his store. And that's about it.