¡Comé! (Independent Short Film)

Lakeland, Florida

06/29/2019 — 06/30/2019


Indie Atlantic

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Production Title: ¡Comé!
Union/Non-Union: Non-Union/SAG
Production Type: Independent Short
Project Length: 12 min
Project Format: ALEXA MINI or RED CINEMA
Director: Lizette Barrera
Producer: Florida Southern College/ Indie Atlantic Films
Production/Shooting: Lakeland, FL
Compensation: PAID

SYNOPSIS: Set in Florida, a 12 year old Puerto Rican girl’s perspective changes when she brings a popular dessert dish, Arroz con Leche, to a thanksgiving event at her school and no one eats it.


Isabella: 12-14, Puerto Rican, Female, Spanish-speaking preferred, PAID
A shy yet strong willed Puerto Rican youth who is curious about the world and is impressionable. She begins to notice that she is different than the rest of her classmates when she brings arroz con leche, a popular Puerto Rican dessert dish, to her thanksgiving event at her Florida school. She is not as close to her mother, father or brother as she is to her grandmother, and is in the time of her life where she is seeking connection.

Maritza: 32-35, Puerto Rican, Female, Must be Spanish-speaking, PAID
Isabella’s mother strong-willed Puerto Rican who has endured hardships in her life and has two kids. Her marriage is not all up to par, hardly conversates with her husband and is a lot closer to child Gabriel and her mother.

Gabriel: 10-11, Puerto Rican, Male, Spanish-speaking preferred, PAID
Isabella’s brother, a more confident kid, loves playing video games. Him and Isabella fight a lot, they can get physical at points, unbeknownst to their mother at times. He too does not talk to his father as much.

Jose: 32-35, Puerto Rican, Male, Spanish-speaking preferred, PAID
Isabella’s father, is a man who misses his family back home in Puerto Rico. Leaving the island has been hard on him, and he has been absent minded with his immediate family in florida causing a loss of connection with his children and wife. Adjusting to Florida has been more difficult than he thought.

Abuela: 57-60, Puerto Rican, Female, Must be Spanish-speaking, PAID
Isabella’s Grandmother, is a woman who has experienced hardships in her life. This has caused to aged her more as she tends to hold her worries internally. She in many ways is like Isabella - quite, reserved, observant, but when needed, is not afraid to speak up for others. She remains prideful of her roots.

Teacher: 26-30, Indian, Female, PAID
Isabella’s School Teacher who is Indian-American, Her parents are from New Delhi, India, came to the United States under a work visa. Like Isabella, she has had to overcome being the only brown girl in class. It wasn’t until she entered High school when she became comfortable with her roots.

1 minute in length (at most)
Medium shot
Genre-appropriate monologue
Slate contact information
Uploaded to youtube/vimeo
Please also send a headshot and resume

Audition Submission: May 10, 2019
Call Backs: May 24, 2019
Casting Notification: May 31, 2019
Shooting Starts: June 29, 2019
Shooting Ends: June 30, 2019