The Bootlegger


Newport, Rhode Island

06/03/2019 — 11/20/2019

Feature Film

Paul Madden

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This is a film about the life and times of local rum runners in New England during Prohibition. The main players are ex-fishermen, Coast Guard sailors, gangsters from New York, Boston and Providence, local police and federal agents. The political backdrop includes a populist wave led by the anti-saloon women's movement that brought along strong anti-immigrant and religious zealots. On the other side were mill-town laborers, bank-robbing anarchists and a young generation of 1920's libertarians, to name just a few factions. Our main character was only 19 when he and his girlfriend became rum runners. And at age 23, he was captain of the fastest rum running vessel on the east coast when his boat was gunned-down by the Coast Guard.
Leads are in their 20's. Seeking seasoned theatrical actors and extras. Send headshots and resume initially via email. Auditions mid-May.