Untitled TV Student Project


Atlanta, Georgia

09/17/2019 — 11/06/2019

Student Film

Ken Santana

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CASTING actors for ‘Untitles TV/Web Student Project in Atlanta, Ga. Shooting in Paulding County mid September-Early November. Submitting to film festivals, cast & crew will get accreditation. UNPAID.

ELLA WASHINGTON- 18-23, Caucasian female. She's a gorgeous teen girl with nice long, dirty blonde hair. Kind of skinny like her mother. She also has a soft voice with nice eyes, her smile attracts you.

SUE- Late 40s-50s, Caucasian lady. Sue is an older lady with blue eyes. A nice, outgoing woman. Looks like a nice neighbor. Knows a lot of secrets.

WOODY MAXFIELD- 18-23, Caucasian. Son of a psychotic mother. Very attractive guy, athlete type. Dark hair, nice eyes and smile. He's conceited and a bit of a jerk, but his charm can get him out of trouble. He sort of dresses like a skateboarder meets John Bender from The Breakfast Club.

MALACHI CHAN- 18-23. A cute Asian guy with a casual style of his own. Malachi is a chill guy & kind of quiet until you get to know him. An outgoing friend and determined person.

HARPER WOODSTOCK- 18-23, female. (Any ethnicity) Daughter of the principal. A rebellious dare devil that doesn't like to go by rules. Also a model.

DOROTHY MAXFIELD- Late 40s-50s, Caucasian female. Very Aware and secretly psychotic. Manipulator with a dark past.

ANT- 18-23, male. Athlete type.

TANK- 18-23, male. Athlete type.

TERESA TERRELL- African American woman, lates 40s-50s. Hard working mother on her own while her husband is in a mental facility.