Freedom, Love, Gold

Long Beach, California

08/11/2019 — 08/23/2019

Independent Feature

Christina Hodel

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Seeking submissions for PAID voiceover roles for the non-union feature documentary, " Freedom, Love, Gold. " All talent must have Hungarian accents. Looking for males and females of all ages.

Synopsis: "Freedom, Love, Gold" is a feature-length documentary about one family's quest to save the Hungarian National Treasury during WWII. The film follows three brothers from California, who travel back to Hungary to retrace their roots. The siblings strive to learn what they can about a three-month railroad adventure that they took as children, but only have vague memories of. The dangerous journey, organized by the siblings' parents, involved the transportation of 500 refugees, and an entire nation's national treasures. While the family endured disease, starvation, Nazi attacks, and freezing temperatures on their amazing trip, they survived the ordeal and were considered national heroes all while defining the strength of human resiliency.

Send a direct link (i.e., Sound Cloud, Vimeo, YouTube or similar) of a recording of your voice to
The lines you should read are:

"It was very difficult for me that you could not be here on Sunday. Let us hope that one day we will benefit from the fact that you have been working so hard and were always modest. Try to think of it this way: if someone does an honest job and yet fails to reap the reward, they still have a clear conscience, and that is worth more than anything else. We are preparing ourselves for the future with our instinct for survival and carrying on with deep hurt that we may never see our homeland again. "

In your email with the link, include your name and contact info. In the subject of your email, indicate the part you are auditioning for. Also indicate if you speak fluent Hungarian.

Thanks again for your interest in the film.

Christina Hodel
Casting Director