Seeking couples for Temptation Island


Maui, Hawaii

04/01/2020 — 05/30/2020

Non-Union TV


Mandy Stadtmiller

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TV casting - USA Network’s “Temptation Island” - Apply ASAP

- Very well paid opportunity for outgoing, fit, all-American clean-cut couples looking to put their relationship to the test
- Couples will experience what it’s like to be single and be “tempted” by other singles while filming at a lavish mansion in Maui for 4-5 weeks in April-May 2020
- Applicants are ideally 24-38 in age and men are 5’9” +
- Must be US based and able to accept US pay
- Must be an established couple (together at least a year) but not yet engaged or married or with kids
- No criminal record
- Must be generally familiar with the show - you can see how the show works by watching a past episode here: and you can see past contestants here:
- Interested couples should send an email ASAP with at least one photo along with ages, heights, occupation, city of residence, length of your relationship and phone numbers to pre-casting recruiter Mandy Stadtmiller at
- Payment details will be shared during pre-interview along with answers to any questions you may have