The Man Who Sold His Soul

Chicago, Illinois

03/03/2020 — 05/20/2020

Non-Union Film

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AURELIA ( 19 - 25 )
The second girlfriend of the lead ( Morgan 38 a struggling writer who sells his soul ) Aurelia is a fifth-generation witch with basic spells and limited power. Aurelia makes a deal with the Devil to enhance her abilities and powers. The actress must be comfortable with intimacy and improvisation.
Some kissing. No nudity or sex scenes

Project Type: FEATURE
Salary: $150.00/DAY
Sex: Female: 21 - 25

Brief Synopsis
A struggling writer sells his soul to the devil for money and fame only to place the people he loves in horrific situations.
Status - Pre-production
Genre - Supernatural Drama
Written and Directed by Terrell Holden

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About Me
I am a passionate filmmaker and I only want to be surrounded by other passionate people who have realistic expectations and goals in the filmmaking business. I will take enthusiasm over experience any day and most importantly when it comes to acting. "live truthfully and honestly under imaginary circumstances."