The Goodbye Tour

New York, New York

04/18/2020 — 06/14/2020

Independent Feature

Connor Einarsen

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Project info:
Title: The Goodbye Tour
Length: Feature (~110 mins)
Payment: Deferred payment @ SAG Ultra Low Budget level ($125/day for rehearsal and shoot days)
Planned shooting schedule: Shooting on weekends mid-April to Mid-June
Synopsis: A girl discovers she has brain cancer and visits a number of old friends in order to confront a devastating mistake from her past.

Audition info:
- If interested, please email HEY@CTADYOS.COM for sides
- Open casting call SATURDAY, JANUARY 4th in WESTPORT, CT
- Can send in taped auditions if unable to make the casting call (the sooner the better!)
- Callbacks SUNDAY, JANUARY 5th in NYC
- Cast posted later that week

Character bios:
June de Jean - Lead. 23ish. African American or American caucasian. Was once on top of the “cool side” of the social strata, has been gradually worn down since high school. Just found out she has terminal brain cancer and sees it as a chance to finally explain to her ex-boyfriend and ex-best friend Jake why she broke up with him all those years ago (can sing a bonus, can speak French a bonus)

Sean Brannon - Lead. 23ish. American caucasian. An eager, positive force who doesn’t share a lot about himself only because he’s not self-aware enough to notice he wants to. Best friends with June, he’s stayed in the town since graduating high school, aimlessly looking for his passion (maybe it’s cooking?)

Other Sean Teekle - Lead. 24ish. American, any ethnicity. Once the quintessential high school jock, he has since become a California bum/meditation/arm-chair philosopher, struggling with what to do with his life. Drove back from Cali to a sober mother, new step-father, and step-brother, which he doesn’t know how to handle (can play guitar a bonus)

Carly Myers - Lead. 23ish. African American. Grew up closeted gay in a small conservative town, has since flourished in the Boston college scene. Is back in town for the first time in years to confront her mother about her sexuality. Was also hurt by June in the past, they haven't talked since

Becky Ellison - Lead. 23ish. American, any ethnicity. Was the cheerleader and party scene queen in high school, has become overcome with ennui since her mother and only parent passed away. Lives without much direction, is supposed to be going to see her therapist when June and the gang show up

Samantha Newbury Thomson - Lead. 23ish. American, any ethnicity. Always a ball of sunshine and joy (even when she wasn’t happy), she met a nice man in college and learned about a relationship more real and difficult and rewarding than her fantasies. Is married and just discovered she’s pregnant when June and the gang arrive (can play piano a bonus)

Georgie Siggs - Lead. 23ish. American, any ethnicity. Organized, ordered, A+ student and captain of the varsity soccer team as a sophomore in HS. Hardly ever smiled. Ended up getting in an accident that left him parapalegic. Now dedicated to becoming a doctor, is hurrying off to an interview for a medical internship when June shows up. Best friends with Jake, still not happy June left him with no explanation