Now casting for attractive bachelors for an upcoming parody-reality tv show!


Atlanta, Georgia

02/04/2020 — 04/30/2020

Non-Union TV

Melissa Hanbee

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Casting directors are now looking for attractive bachelors from the ages of 18-26 of all ethnicities for an upcoming parody-reality tv show. If you feel you fit one of the characters below, please feel free to submit at least 3 recent photos, resume, and actor's reel to the casting directors via email at:


A proper Posh man from London that assists Peyton with the search of her love. He feels at times as if he could be babysitting instead of assisting and constantly reminds everyone he’s not getting paid enough to deal with what he deals with.

A country boy at heart and is never seen without a cowboy hat or cowboy boots. Born and raised in the south and is proud of his redneck roots and loves talking about anything that pertains to hunting, dirt bike riding, and football. He finishes almost every sentence with “roll tide”, especially when it’s basketball season.

Is supposedly the youngest throughout the competition, yet somehow looks the oldest. Many think he is lying about his age, and has a secret family at home and is here for all the wrong reasons. Reason being maybe just to be seen on television.

HISPANIC (21-25)
The bad boy out of the bachelors, covered in tattoos. Also, the cockiest bachelors out of the bunch and has no problem telling everyone how much he gave up just to be on the show. Causes 90% of the drama that occurs.

Extreme party animal and a straight frat boy at heart. Loves to play practical jokes and can find a laugh in almost anything. Calls himself a ladies’ man and claims he has a certification in being an “irresistible white chocolate.” Parties at night, but sleeps during the day. Has been “looking for a job” for 5 years.

A very sweet, chivalrous man that has had his heart broken too many times that has caused him to vow to never do the same to anyone else. Very laid back and chill, but can come off overbearing and clingy. He has a couple of soft spots and has no problem crying in front of others, especially male peers. Gets defensive when called sensitive, and then cries.

AFR. AMER. (20-23)
Constantly reminds himself and everyone else that he was born and raised in Decatur and is from “zone 6.” Proclaims himself as the next big rapper of Atlanta and has confessed to passing his mixtapes out at church. He is confident when freestlying for others because he has never been called untalented…to his face.

ASIAN (20-23)
Can be a sweetheart at times, but often gets overshadowed by the other guys, perhaps because he’s not trying hard enough to win Peyton’s love? Is too touchy with the other guys in the house, to where it leads to them all questioning his sexuality.

Originally from Greece and is very comfortable with his culture, however, at times he tries to fit in to the modern day American culture by saying and doing things he feels would help him fit in more. His accent is so thick, subtitles are needed, at all times.

AFR. AMER./MIXED (20-23)
A stiff, religious church-goer that identifies more with his ‘white side.’ Prefers a woman with no makeup, nail polish, hair extensions, or bright colored clothes, and prefers more of the traditional concept of women being “housewives” or “first ladies in the church.”

A typical spoiled rich kid that believes he can talk to anybody any kind of way and get away with it. Acknowledges that he’s a huge jerk, but is okay living with himself on it.

AFR. AMER. (21-25)
Newly introduced to the Nation of Islam and is extremely pro-black. His government name is Omar, but he goes by Muhammed Abdul. Goes anywhere and everywhere trying to spread the truth of Islam.

AFR. AMER. (20-24)
A womanizer to the fullest and is a huge charmer. Often uses his charm and looks to get what he wants.

The true mystery man that does not like to identify with any race, gender, belief, even age group. He proclaims himself to be a free spirit and does not like to be “bogged down” by any labels. He is an extreme nudist that enjoys being barefoot, as he believe it connect him better to ‘mother’ earth.

AFR. AMER. (20-24)
Hilarious, comical, and is the present day traditional black alpha male. He is extremely handsome and confident, yet becomes defensive if something does not go his way or if he receives rejection.