Untitled Web Series

Dallas, Texas

06/15/2020 — 08/31/2020

Experimental Shorts

Reichelt Studios

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Actors wanted for a web series.
We're a new production house based out of Dallas TX looking to specialize in web-based parody content.
Our projects will involve making ensembles of parody YouTube-style videos of people commercializing, analyzing or reacting to global events.
All hired actors will get to work remotely from a location of their own choosing whereby they’ll film themselves using dialogue & storylines we provide.
This is a paid gig. Our initial test project will feature actors reading anywhere from a handful of lines to a page worth of content (compensation = $50 - $100 depending on number of lines and character portrayal).
We’re hoping to make actors who qualify for the first project to become frequent collaborators with our production house.
More details about our first project will be provided once hired.
To audition, please record a video of yourself playing a character doing any of the following (the more absurd your portrayal the better – have fun with it):
- Product reviews (doesn’t have to be a real product)
- Reaction videos to any topic of your choosing
- Product sale (again, doesn’t have to be a real product, in fact we’d appreciate it if you make it up)
- Tutorial video
- Web chat featuring 2 or more actors engaged in a ridiculous topic discussion.
Upload your audition clip to any publicly accessible video streaming site such as YouTube or Vimeo and send the link along with your contact information to reicheltstudios@gmail.com or reicheltstudios@yahoo.com. Be mindful of all Terms & Conditions these streaming sites require. Reichelt Studios will not be liable for any content you post. All audition content will remain the intellectual property of the candidate auditioning and will only be used to make a hiring decision.

Please limit all audition videos to no longer than 5-minutes.
All applicants are welcome.

For any inquiries contact by email