St. Louis, Missouri

07/13/2020 — 08/01/2020

Student Film

Joey Goldman

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‘Gumballs’ is a short film, written and directed by Stephen Tronicek and produced by Joey Goldman.

Summary: A retired businessman descends into madness when a young man steals the one thing that makes him happy in life: Forcing his neighbor to pay him for picking up her sweet tree gumballs.

Character Breakdown:
~ GARY (45-75): Your typical man’s man. Like Don Draper aged into his 70's. Charismatic and confident, but hiding a deep insecurity underneath everything. Money makes his world go around. Not incredibly tall.

~ MRS. CLARKE (45-75): Looks like the sweetest grandmother you ever had, but still has some bite. Kind but a little spineless.

~ MAX (Male, 26-39) - Boisterous, joyful and almost completely earnest. Wants to do things simply for the joy of doing them.

When: First two weekends of October; subject to change