The Puppet Show - Truth or Dare Contest


Los Angeles, California


Student Film

Hanna Back

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Are you ready for the next generation of reality celebrities champions and for the most exciting experience of your like?

We are looking for outgoing, fun, interesting and daring contestants that... never lost a game at truth or dare!

Here it goes our show:

10 online contenders - 5 girls and 5 guys of similar age

Each will submit anonymously a truth and a dare to the online platform. A participant is than randomly selected from the group and she/he will have to do the truth or the dare or face elimination. This continues until one of the participants fails or quits.

If all participants do what is required from them, the followers will eliminate one which they did not like with a vote.
After the elimination everything starts again until there is just one person left - the winner

Please note: Of course there are rules that forbid illegal, harmful, dangerous dares.

To make it very competitive and fun the Winner will get 10.000$

Do you think you have got what it takes?

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