This is a [Teaser] for a SAG modified low budget feature film project we are planning to do. We will be shooting parts of scenes from the script as a proof of concept. It will be around 4/5 mins. 1 day shoot, covering around 5 pages.

Roles needed:

Lead Female 25-33 yrs, Caucasian, blonde/brown/red hair, slim/average: She is an artist. she is kind, passionate, caring, happy, empathetic- virtues of a protagonist. A hero who risks her life in order to help others. As the story builds up she gradually changes (yet keeping her solid personality) and becomes unease, disturbed and mad...basically her character is dimensional. Think Hamlet.

Supporting Male 27-33 yrs, Caucasian, black/blonde/brown hair, slim/average: He is French. He is fit, grounded, somewhat business minded. Yet he is light, sarcastic, loving and understanding. He loves and cherishes his wife (the Lead). He wants the best for her and wants to protect her since she can be hard on herself. French accent required for the part yet on low skill level.


Please submit headshots/photos and video reel if you have one.

Exact rehearsing and production dates TBD. Paid gig.

Thank You.