Unscripted series aimed at helping recreate long-lost family recipes

Los Angeles, California


Non-Union TV

Kate Kratoska

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Are you interested in recreating a long-lost family recipe? We're looking for families and individuals in **LOS ANGELES** for a new culinary series on a major cable network, aimed at helping families recreate nostalgic dishes.

Whether it was a special holiday treat or an everyday staple from your childhood; if you have basic knowledge of the dish and an idea of how far back it goes in your family, we may be able to help bring it back to life.

To be considered, email casting@GoodLike.Group and tell us:
--A little about yourself/family (please include photos)
--About the dish you are trying to recreate and why it's so special to you
--What (if anything) do you know about the history of the dish in your family?

**Feel free to share post. Los Angeles residents only.**