The Plan

Coral Gables, Florida

10/10/2021 — 10/16/2021

Experimental Shorts

Alex Moreno

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Casting Call Notice For The Plan
Casting call for a short film 501c non for profit film.
Shooting production on October 30th and 31st 2021 in South Florida.

Character Breakdown

TONY HUGHES: Late teens (16-24), Male, Open ethnicity. A vulnerable introvert with a talent to always find trouble. In the closet with his sexuality. His unfilled physique stands to make him a typical outcast, though he shares the same striking features as his father David. Uses comedy to cover any anxieties he may face. An expert at hiding his real thoughts and feelings. LEAD
2 days @ $175 per day

DAVID HUGHES: 40s/50’s/60s, Male, Open ethnicity. A charming man with enough charisma to go around. He says things as they are and holds nothing back; something that often gets him into trouble. His sense of masculinity runs deeply, which is why Tony’s situation causes him so much grief. His handsome features are mimicked in his son. MAIN SUPPORTING
1 day (approx 6 hours) @ $150 per day

PRINCIPAL PLATT: 50’s/60s, Female, Open ethnicity. An empathetic woman. Her years of experience with high school chaos have not cracked her yet. She’s seen it all, so is surprised by almost nothing, and seemingly has a solution for anything. SUPPORTING (could be switched to male)
1 day (approx 6 hours) @ $100 per day

Casting call will be done on Zoom October 13, 2021 at 8pm.
Please send resume, headshot and self tape

6 page script is in the link.