Seek Talented and Experienced Actors - Episodical TV Series (Pilot)

Production Company is creating a seven episode television series. We have one in the can and six more to go. Each episode is 28mins. This episode (untitled) is set to be shot in Georgia on a small plantation (getting the picture?). We seek serious actors with great memory because it’s dialog intensive and we must make due with the limited budget, as they say time is money. This is a four day shoot on one location.

This story is a psychological thriller played in one big house. A young man from New York visits his uncle who works on a plantation. There, he discover a reality that shook his core.

PRODUCTION DATE October 3rd to 6th, 2022

Note: Shoot location might be between one and two hours outside of Atlanta.

To audition, send us an email with the character’s name you would like to audition for(see below). Send recent headshot, reel (if any) and resume to numediaprods@gmail.com

$125.00 flat monetary compensation per day, meals, demo reel footage, and credit.


Lead Role
David - Black Male - 25-35 years old.

Lead Supporting Role
Cosmo - White Male - 45-65 years old. The State Senator
Jacob - White Male - 25-35 years old. State Senator’s Son
Hazel - White Female - 38-50 years old. Cosmo’s wife
Ozzie - Black Male - 45-65 years old.

This project does not involve nudity or any sexual situations.