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Bosley is the World's Most Experienced Expert in Hair Restoration┬«. Bosley is offering a FREE consultation and a FREE non-surgical SMP procedure to individuals that would be willing to participate in all digital and print marketing materials. (allowing photo and video use). The best candidates are…
Los Angeles, California
The Guest can be an actress/actor, singer/drummer/guitarist, Politician, Sports player, comedian...anyone who can bring their comedic chops to a skit which will transition into an informal interview. Total time required: 1.5 hours Pay: Offer will be made to selected individuals
44 Black
Los Angeles, California
A murder mystery, set in 1944 among Black women in the Army during World War II. The mystery explores the complicated feelings of racism, class-ism and sexism from outside and within the African American community. Casting 9 Black and 3 White females. BREAKDOWN 9 Black females, 22-50/3…
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