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DIV HD-1 is a 22' High Definition production truck designed to produce live events ranging from sports and concerts, to corporate meetings. HD-1 is the perfect solution for producers that demand high quality production equipment without the costs and headaches associated with renting a large semi truck. HD-1 is based in Chicago and is available for hire in the Midwest and East Coast.

DIV HD-1 is powered by the following gear:

Ross Carbonite 24 Input Switcher
Chyron LeX 3.1 2-Channel HD CG (Lyric 8.7)
VideoHub 40x40 Router
Sony PMW-350 2/3" HD Fiber Cameras
Newtek 3play 425 4/2 Tape Server
Yamaha 01v96i Digital Audio Console
RTS 3 Channel Intercom / 4 Channel IFB
Hyperdeck SSD Recorders
Sports "Booth Kit"

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