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New York, New York

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Daniel Buono

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An Award-winning documentary film company is seeking couples to participate in a multi-part documentary about couples therapy. This is a paid opportunity.

The documentary will follow couples through five months of weekly therapy in New York City (all couples should be local to NYC area). Our goal is to showcase effective therapy with real, relatable couples working through issues in their relationships.

The series presents therapy with authenticity and empathy, not sensationalism. These are genuine, relatable couples working through real problems, not contrived reality-TV relationships.

An observational fly-on-the-wall approach brings the audience into the room for a visceral experience, demystifying and destigmatizing the process.

We're offering five months of free weekly couples therapy with a first-rate, highly qualified therapist. All sessions will be filmed.

If you know anyone who's interested, or have any questions, please have them email our Assistant Producer, Erica Rose at with a short description of themselves and their relationship.