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I have a full-length movie script entitled "El Casador (The Hunter)" for which I am seeking funding and professional production support. The story takes place in New Mexico shortly after the Mexican War (early 1850s). The penitente (penitent) village of San Blas is attacked on Easter morning my six armed, marauding "Gringos" at a time when the villagers are witnessing the faux crucifixion of their elected "Cristo. The Cristo is crushed and dies when the cross is pulled down on him. An old man is killed in his attempt to stop the invaders; a young girl is raped, and the wife of the Cristo is kidnapped and raped. Severino, brother of the Cristo and former fiancé of the kidnapped woman, quasi-outcast, absent for years with the US Army, chases after the bad men and eliminates them one by one. The one remaining villain, their leader, he brings back to the village and puts him on a "criminal cross" for the villagers. Thinking his lover is dead, he rides away, never to return.