Unique comedic script (a parody 'soap opera') script available

New York, New York

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Wylie Reed Richardson

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Hi, this is a 'shout-out' to any production companies that might be interested in acquiring the rights to a unique comedic script. "Irrational Dreams" is a specialized kind of script - a parody 'soap opera' - that was produced (in workshop format) by NYC-based theatrical group Rising Sun Performance Company, in the early 2000s. The concept of this work is using the familiar 'tropes' of the TV soap - adultery, blackmail, budding romance, etc. - only for seriocomic effect, rather than the antiseptic melodrama of the traditional 'soap'. "Irrational Dreams" is set in modern-day LA, and concerns the film industry and the people in it. It is suitable for a cast of about two dozen, and would take up about six to eight hours total of screen time. (It would be ideally be presented in 'episodic' format, due to it's length.)

For further information, please send an e-mail with "RE: script" in the subject line, so I will know it's not spam.