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Maria Bruna Moscatelli

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Hi, my name is Maria Bruna, I'm an italian girl who wrote a peculiar story and now I want to transform it into a movie:

The story is about the love between a star (Shamy) and her planet (Pinto).

But, before, there are many adventures, involving all the other celestial bodies, who are the only characters. I don't have a budget, but I want to take part in the making of the movie, moving from Italy to Los Angeles and collaborating with the making of all the steps. In fact, I don't want to sell my idea and I don't want money for this, but I want the chance to live and work there as a member of the crew and realize my movie, together with people who like and believe in it.

I will send you the link for a short trailer and for the facebook page.

Link: www.youtube.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com

The biggest challenge is giving emotions to the celestial bodies respecting their physiognomy: even if the story is suitable for children, it isn't just for them, but for linking the public to the wonder of the universe, showing the emphatic side of the cosmos.

If you like it, we can start this adventure together!

With joy,

Maria Bruna Moscatelli