Sony FS7 Camera Package, Lighting, Sound & Accessories Stolen

San Diego, California

Frauds / Scams

Patricia Mooney

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A video production team's WORST NIGHTMARE. Grinch ripped off "Santa's Sleigh" in Novato, California, San Francisco Bay area, December 11, 2018 the night before our documentary shoot. Thieves made off with our Sony FS7 4K camera (#S01-0023257-S) package w/ extension Unit (#S01-0013593-7), Metabones & accessories including Schoeps omnidirectional mic on a K-Tec carbon fiber boom pole, PSC Alfa Mixer, Sony 4K AX100 video camera, a multitude of other items & Christmas gifts. REWARD for information leading to recovery. Please call (619) 644-3000.