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Chicago, Illinois

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Jim Schiller

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My Business is Location Audio for Film, Video and Commercial Projects. Here is what you get:
Recorder/Mixer: Sound Devices 788T-SSD 8 channel Time Code Recorder , Mixer with a 1/4 terabyte solid state hard drive. I've done three week shoots in the field and never ran out of storage, but I can do a dump each day and or lay off to CF cards, plus I will have a complete copy of the shoot when you wrap the shoot. I keep a copy of your project for six months at no additional cost and will up load any or all the footage to any computer you specify if you need it.
Short Shotgun Mics: 2 Sennheiser 416 with Rycote Zeppelins.
Wireless: 2 Lectrosonics 400 and 2 L series with Countryman lavs.
I can connect directly to a camera if you wish.
Wired: 2 Sony wired lavs
Other mics: 1 Shure SM7, 1Scarlett Studio CM25 mkII, 2 Shure SM57, 1 Shure SM58, 2 AKG P170
Boom Poles: 2 18' Carbon internally wired
Stands: 2 40" C stands with boom clips and sand bags, mic stands for table and general use
1 portable table and two chairs
Batteries: 3 IDX bricks (with a 6 hour charge) with a BDS system (This will power up to five different items such as a recorder/mixer, wireless receivers)I use this system in the field when there is no AC available. I also carry battery chargers that can be used when AC is available
Day Rate: $650.00 up to 12 hours All Project are paid in Full after the shoot wraps and all data has been transferred to client or after all CF cards have been turned over to client.