SFX, Music Beds, Total Audio Audio Repair


Gurnee, Illinois

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Jim Schiller

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When your project needs SFX, Music Beds and or complete and partial audio repair, contact me.
-SFX: I have over 400,000 SFX in my library. I can use them as is, or manipulate them to suit your project.
-Music Beds: From 1 second to 4 minutes. Classical, Modern, Futuristic. You will save thousands of dollars and not need a needle drop release to use
-Audio Repair: It doesn't matter how much you spent on your audio production, if your hear background noise, the shot is ruined. I will take your audio and clean it so all that is left is what you want to hear. I will even leave a bit of the background noise if you want to normalize the sound

You can come to me, or simply beam the audio to me. Tell me what needs to be done and when you need the audio back. It's that simple.

Check out my web site www.avedit.com and contact me for pricing