I'm looking for a 30-40 year old male actor for a 4-5 minute ENTERTAINING video

West Palm Beach, Florida

General / Miscellaneous

Jeremy Blunt

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So here's the deal ....

We own a very successful real estate wholesaling company here in West Palm Beach.

Our team runs marketing in a couple key cities and we attract MOTIVATED sellers ... buy their home at a big discount ... and then sell that home to an investor for a small fee.

(We're great at finding the deals ... we just don't like doing the physical work :) )

We got a pretty cool office in Palm Beach.

So what does this have to do with you?

Well ....

I want to hire YOU as our actor for a super laid back fun video ... like 4-5 minutes long
.... where you'd walk through the office .... "hey this is Mike .... Mike's a killer closer ...
say hi Mike ........ this is Kate ... Kate runs all our paperwork ... she's great. Say Hi Kate.

This is our ping pong table where I defend my belt 3-4Xs a week. "

Then we'd go to a spot in the office where you'd read of a teleprompter for like 2-3 minutes and just explain who we are, what we do, and why investors work with us.

Again ... very conversational, laid back, personality up the wa-zoo, all that good stuff.

I hate stuffy, robotic videos and actors.

We don't have a date set yet ... I'd have to get with the owner first.

But we can make this work pretty much anytime ... and would like to bang this out sooner
than later.

Let me know.

PS -- also we're looking for a guy to make a videos with us so this could be a long term gig if you're interested.