Director of Photography/Camera Operator Needed for Microbudget Feature Shoot 'Hoodman' Starting Oct. 11-Nov 17 Weekends in Los Angeles

Cerritos, California

Wanted / Needed

Mark Curran

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Seeking a DP that can operate our Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera for a 6-weekend suspense-crime horror feature film shoot starting Oct. 11 in Los Angeles. Knowledge of horror lighting helpful. We are cash-strapped independent filmmakers that love horror films. We are making our second feature and would love to hire you as part of our team.

If you have a least one feature film under your belt and have experienced the pain and suffering of micro-budget shoots and are willing to work under demanding and difficult conditions, please consider our project.

This is a paid position. Please indicate your desired rate, resume and reel at your earliest convenience.

Shooting Dates: Fri/Sat/Suns from Oct 11-Nov. 17 - 18 [12 hour] shooting days