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Westwood, California

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Jonathan Bass

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At Whom, we do what we love. Furniture for personalities. For go-getters, trendsetters, and even goody two-shoes. We use top shelf materials - resilient fabrics, one-of-a-kind woods and metals second to none. We're custom-built, modern made, and we don't trash the planet. We're a company of our word, and we set the standard for responsible consumerism.

PICK YOUR PIECE. Beautiful pieces designed under the sun in Los Angeles, and proudly made in Sonora, Mexico. FABRIC & FINISH. Choices are tough, especially with dozens of options in fabric, metal and wood, but with our swatch & finish kit, it’s as easy as pie. SHOW TIME. From our hammer to your home in as little as four weeks. Check out our shipping options. Www.whomhome.com