Location Audio For Film and Commercial Projects Ready For Your Shoot Dates


Gurnee, Illinois

For Hire / For Rent

Jim Schiller

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What You Get
1 8 channel Time code Recorder/Mixer
1 3 channel Mixer
2 Sennheiser 416 short shotgun mic with Rucote Zeppelins
2 18' carbon booms
2 40" C Stands w/ boom clips and sand bags
4 Lectrosonics wireless mics
2 Sony wired mics
4 stand mics (SM57)
WE show up to your shoot, set up and grab every second of your shoot. My system will record up to 160 HOURS. When you've wrapped for the day, we can off load the audio to any computer.
We will stay on site for your entire shoot with no time limit